Storage Tanks

Another speciality of Mifram is the erection of tank farms, silos, partitioned silos and special storage facilities. Manufacture and advance preperation are performed at our plant, while assembly is accomplished on site by our team of out-of-factory workers.

Mifram also manufactures atmospheric tanks for liquids and bulks, as well as storage tanks for sensitive materials in a nitrogen enviornment, as ordered by our customers in the various industries: chemicals and petrochemicals, petrolium and fuel companies, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Ministry of Defence, Mekorot - Israel Water Company, cement and asphalt factories, glass factories, starch and additives and several other industries.

Mifram is licensed to manufacture hazardous materials storage tanks, in cooperation with foreign companies who own the know-how and updated technologies.

Mifram specializes in the manufacture of double-jacketed storage tanks made of various materials, including supply and installation of all the necessary equipment to prevent hazardous materials propagation.

Mifram also specializes in the construction of mobile and static storage tanks for firefighting water, as well as fire fighting systems, sprinklers, foam mixing facilities and polluting and hazardous materials propagation preventive systems.

Mifram imports and manufactures drinking water tanks, including bladders, towers and containers (detachable or welded), enamel coated, epoxy coated, etc.

With our accumulated experience in manufacture and erection, together with our production capacity and our skilled personnel, we can grant our customers the very best service at the very best price and on schedule.

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