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If there is one word in the world today that has taken on vast importance to all off our lives, it is Security. Not security in the financial sense, but physical security and protection from a range of threats that are targeting governments, people and nations across the globe. El Kaida, the Taliban, militant groups in Europe, organized crime, far right extremist groups in the US – the list of organizations who will stop at nothing to attack and harm society goes on and on.

This has placed security contractors worldwide "between a rock and a hard place". On the one hand, the challenges facing them not only develop rapidly and at different locations, but the enemies tactics and strategies change constantly forcing security contracts to constantly seek new solutions for new situations. On the other hand, in a world of increasing costs and economic recession, the need to cut costs whilst maintaining quality and effectiveness is paramount.

Mifram Security – providing solutions for Security Contractors since 1962

Since 1962 Mifram Security has been closely involved with providing services and solutions for Israel's security services and security contractors as well as many military and security establishment, governments, organizations and security contractors from around the world.

Our list of clients includes the IDF, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the US Army, Navy, Air Fore and Marine Corp., the FBI, Israel's parliament building (the Knesset), IAF & IMI, Elbit, KBR, Motorola, the Japanese Army, French Customs and Excise, police forces and security organization from around the globe and United Nations peacekeeping forces.

Based on its extensive experience providing expert solutions for Israel's volatile security situation, Mifram has developed and continues to develop a comprehensive range of products designed to protect the safety and security of military, police and security personal, industrial, governmental, military and security establishments as well as civilian populations in remote and urban areas.

Using modern materials, advanced technologies and techniques (many developed exclusively by Mifram), the company has continuously and consistently produced innovative, effective and cost effective solutions for a spectrum of threats.

Mifram is Unlimited Volume Contractor registered with Israel's Contractors Registrar and is registered with CCR and ORCA in the United States. Since its first days of operation, Mifram has set itself the very highest standards of quality, service and reliability. In all of its projects, the company adheres faithfully to all relevant European Standards for both materials and safety. The company is also ISO 9001 certified and audited.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals at all levels of design, planning and construction, Mifram is ideally placed to provide optimum solutions for all your defense related security needs.

Mifram Security – state of the art solutions, as-is or custom built

Mifram's experience, its first rate team of professionals, its out of the box thinking and its proven track record for providing innovative and effective solutions regardless of the challenges, enable it to offer a range of products of services. As-is, "out of the box" basic systems, basic systems adapted to the specific needs of the client or unique, one-of solutions based on based on the specific needs and requirements of the client, whether military or civilian.

Modular Physical Barriers – A range of modular barriers to prevent and control vehicle and pedestrian access. Mifram physical barrier systems are easy and quickly deployed, require little maintenance and have been used by the US Marine Corps, Special Forces units from around the world and the Athens Olympics.

Guard Towers and Observation Posts – Innovative guard towers and observation posts provide excellent protection whilst enabling 360o observation and field of fire for surrounding territory.

Rapid Fortifications - Mifram has developed some of the most advanced rapid fortification systems available today. All are easily transportable, can be erected and dismantled by the soldier in the field and require little maintenance; Ideally suited for a wide range of combat and security applications including single man guard posts.

Mobile Bulletproof Shelters – Using cutting edge technologies, Mifram constructs mobile shelters for use in all military and security situations. Mifram shelters are supplied in a variety of configurations and can be supplied made to order to your own specifications.

Building Fortifications –Mifram Security, building on more than 50 years of experience, has developed a range of solutions for existing building protection. Solutions are available for total building protection, single room protection, high trajectory weapon protection and even "soft" structures such as wooden huts and tents.

Humidity Controlled Dry Storage Facilities –Mifram has developed a humidity controlled dry storage system that makes it easier than ever to store equipment and maintain it if operational condition. The custom built facilities provide protection from humidity, dust and dirt. Sophisticated control systems maintain batteries at full charge and temperature and humidity are carefully monitored and controlled to maintain the ideal storage environment.

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