Relocating plants

Modern economics create the necessity to merge and/or relocate manufacturing plants within the shortest time possible and minimum harm to the plant production timetable.

Mifram is fully ready, willing and able to answer this challenge.

Mifram vast experience and skilled personnel grant the customer the benefit of successful and eosl efficient projects.

The perfect interaction between Mifram various divisions ensures that the customer receives a working and leveled machinery, connected to the existing infrastructure and services at the new location, all performed under one roof by Mifram.

Mifram specializes in performing:

  • Worldwide relocations of complete factories, providing door-to-door services, including containerization, lashing and securing for sea and/or air shipment, at the highest standards, as requited by the insurance companies throughout the world.
  • Plant erection and equipment installation, in coordination with the original equipment manufacturers' experts. By providing the necessary mechanical and electro-mechanical services, logistics, equipment and skilled personnel, Mifram permits the economic use of foreign o.e.m, experts. This is normally performed on a time + material basis.
  • Mifram has accumulated a rich experience in installing machinery, heavy equipment, such as steam-rollers, special equipment which requires skill and precision, heavy engines, and pumps.
  • Mifram performs complex lining operations that require special measuring equipment and high skill.
  • Mifram specializes in performing equipment maintenance and relocation during plant shutdown, working around-the-clock and using large work learns in the widest range of disciplines. The experience accumulated since 1962, together with our skilled manpower and the large quantity of special equipment enables us to promise and keep a tight schedule and budget.

Areas of activity

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