Modular & Mobile units

Mifram designs and manufactures crush gates, electrical gates, blast barriers, and others.

Mifram specializes in the manufacture of fabric coated collapsible units, "Tents" and "sheds" for temporary dehumidified storage purposes, performed for a variety of customers.

Mifram uses the know-how accumulated throughout the years, utilizing the latest international technologies and materials, and is especially strict about fabrics and working methods highest quality to ensure durability.

Mifram designs, manufactures & erects different types of mobile and detachable units:

  • Mobile water closets and showers.
  • Mobile combined offices and warehouses
  • Mobile habitat (caravans)
  • Mobile units for power and transformation rooms
  • Mobile units for shelters, and protective space/safety rooms
  • Insulated mobile units as silencers for generators, compressors and others, Mobile and detachable dry storage units
  • High and complex communication aerials
  • Observation and watch towers for several customers, among which:
    • M.F.O. (Multinational Forces and Observers) on the Egyptian border, and other U.N. Forces
    • The Israel Electric Corporation
    • The Israel Ports and Rails Authority
    • The Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company
    • Private customers, institutions and others

Areas of activity

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