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Military contractors around the globe are constantly seeking new, cost effective, flexible and efficient solutions to meet rapidly changing security situations, whether in a combat zone or in an urban environment.

Today's military has to deal with many complex situations that aren't just confined to the battlefield. The enemy, using new technologies and new strategies, can now strike, not only at front line troops, but also at vital infrastructures and even civilian populations, deep in the heart of the homeland. Urban warfare and terrorism is increasingly prevalent and requires new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to meet the challenges.

Providing solutions for military contractors since 1962

Mifram Security, an Israeli company, specializes in developing, constructing and supplying unique solutions for the military contractor. Whether you need special structures to fortify buildings, supply depots or even tents, personal protection devices to ensure the safety of your operatives, access prevention devices, fortified observation and guard posts, mobile shelters and a host of other security equipment designed to protect security forces and enable them to fulfill their function in, relative, safety – Mifram, with over 50 years of experience working closely with the IDF, the IMI and IAI and security organizations worldwide (US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the FBI, the Japanese Army, French Customs and Excise, police and security forces worldwide, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, Bechtel, Elbit, KBR, Motorola and many more, has the solutions. What's more, Mifram's team of highly trained and experienced engineers and craftsmen can devise new, innovative solutions to fit your specific need or situation.

The ability of the Mifram team to think "outside of the box" along with their total dedication to providing the very best product possible with the highest levels of support and service, have made Mifram a leading military contractor for defensive and safety equipment, both in Israel and abroad.

Mifram solutions

Mifram specializes in developing and providing modular systems that are mobile and easily dismantled and transferred to a new location. Mifram systems are designed to provide maximum protection and fast and easy deployment. All are capable of adapting to new challenges, terrain and surroundings; all provide rapid and effective protection capabilities – but not at an exorbitant cost.

All Mifram solutions are designed and built by consummate professionals, dedicated to their work and mission. All our products and solutions use the best possible materials and construction techniques and all are exhaustively tested under field conditions to ensure that the final product functions to full specifications.

Mifram can provide standard solutions or tailor made solutions to meet specific needs and requirements.

Mifram's solutions are ideally suited for the military contractor who is committed to providing the best possible solutions for their clients at a fair cost both to the supplier and the client.

Modular Physical Barriers – Mifram produces a range of modular barriers to prevent and control vehicle and pedestrian access. The barriers offer the perfect solution for police forces and security organizations faced with rapidly changing situations and the need to prevent hostile access by all forms of vehicles (even bicycles), crowd control and event fencing. Mifram physical barrier systems are easy and quickly deployed and have been used by the US Marine Corps, Special Forces units from around the world and the Athens Olympics.

Guard Towers and Observation Posts – Mifram's innovative guard towers and observation posts provide excellent protection whilst enabling 360o observation and field of fire for surrounding territory. Mifram offers a range of solutions, including the Mantis, a mobile fast response observation post mounted on a truck for fast transportation and erection in almost any location.

Rapid Fortifications - Rapidly changing security situations demand that security forces be able to respond quickly to developing threats. Faced with a need to provide a swift response and, at the same time, provide protection for their operatives, new kinds of defensive systems are needed. Based on 50 years of experience Mifram has developed some of the most advanced rapid fortification systems available today. They include portable rapid fortifications for a wide range of combat and security applications including single man guard posts.

Mobile Bulletproof Shelters – Israel, perhaps more than any other nation, has need of mobile bullet and rocket proof shelters. The same technology developed and used by Mifram in constructing mobile shelters to the IDF and civilian authorities around Israel, can be supplied to your clients as an immediate solution for military and civilian facilities. Mifram shelters are supplied in a variety of configurations and can be supplied made to order to your own specifications.

Building Fortifications – It’s a reality of modern life that urban centers are increasingly becoming the target for terrorists and militants. With the very real threat of bomb attacks, shootings and even chemical/biological attack, there is a very real need to find a building fortification system that can be implemented to provide protection for existing buildings and their residents. Mifram Security, building on over 50 years of experience, has developed a range of solutions that provide solutions to almost every conceivable urban threat. These include total building protection, single room protection, high trajectory weapon protection and more. As with all Mifram solutions, these are easy to install, allow full use of the building both during and after installation, modular and can be dismantled and re-erected in another location.

Humidity Controlled Dry Storage Facilities – One of biggest problems facing modern military and security units, especially those forced to operate under harsh environmental conditions, is how to safely and effectively store vital equipment (trucks, armored vehicles, communications gear, supplies etc.) in pristine condition, fully equipped and in full working order so that, when they are needed, they are ready for immediate deployment to the field. Using advanced technologies and the company's knowledge and experience, Mifram has developed a humidity controlled dry storage system that makes it easier than ever to store equipment and maintain it if operational condition. The custom built facilities provide protection from humidity, dust and dirt. Sophisticated control systems maintain batteries at full charge and temperature and humidity are carefully monitored and controlled to maintain the ideal storage environment.

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