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As an international contractor, you're only too well aware of the complexity of major construction projects – especially in a foreign country like Israel with different standards, regulations and language. Put together, they present not just one barrier to successful completion but, potentially, a never enduing series of barriers that can cause unnecessary delays and negatively impact on your completion date, revenue stream and profit margins.

Finding solutions to these difficulties can be a long, complicated and costly process. However, utilizing the services of an established Israeli company providing mechanical construction erection services in Israel can help solve the problems speedily, efficiently and cost effectively.

A provider of mechanical construction erection services in Israel, such as Mifram, has the knowledge, the expertise and the connections within the local economy and establishment needed to successfully create a synergy between your plans and goals and the constraints involved when working in a foreign environment.

More than 50 years of expertize at your service

Founded in 1962, Mifram is one of Israel's leading civil and military engineering companies. Mifram's development and expansion have gone hand in hand with that of the State of Israel and the company now provides services in a wide range of disciplines.

These include mechanical construction erection for a wide range of industries and projects across the length and breadth of Israel. Mifram has worked with some of Israel's largest companies and organizations including the IDF & Ministry of Defense, IAI & IMI, Israel Ports Authority, Tnuva, MacDonald's, Elbit, Dead Sea Chemicals, Elbit, leading Israeli banks, government and municipal departments, schools, Mekorot – Water Authority and many, many more. Mifram has also worked in close cooperation and collaboration with many international companies involved in large scale industrial and national projects providing a wide range of essential services. These include KBR, Pepsico, Nestle, Amdocs Israel, Bechtel, Motorola,

Over more than five decades, Mifram has built up a vast store of knowledge and expertise. When you choose Mifram – you are choosing a partner dedicated to providing the very best standards of service and professionalism, cost effectiveness and quality..

The benefits of partnering with Mifram

A project involving large scale mechanical construction erection jobs is a major venture involving many resources – manpower, on-site engineers, equipment etc. As an international company, you may have those resources but the cost of bringing them from one country to another is prohibitive. Labor is also a major consideration. The red-tape involved in bringing foreign workers into Israel is, to say the least, complicated. Add in the costs of transportation, lodgings, food, insurance etc. and your expenses gradually mount. You also need to take into consideration the laws and regulations governing construction work in Israel – these too are complex and can be very confusing – and not just because they're in Hebrew!

This is where Mifram comes into the picture providing your project with the vital logistic and material support services it needs to complete the project on time and within budget.

  • As an Israeli contractor, Mifram knows Israeli inside out. Over 50 years of dealing with local and national planning authorities give Mifram a clear advantage when you begin your planning and approval procedure. Mifram's expert teams can speed up the approval processes and help expedite all the required authorizations so that you can get on with the real job at hand. What's more, our troubleshooting teams will work tirelessly to identify potential stumbling blocks that could delay operations and fine immediate solutions for existing and potential problems.
  • Safety, labor laws and environmental regulation – Here to you benefit from Mifram's experience and knowledge. Mifram works in strict accordance with all relevant United States, European and Israeli safety standards. We know exactly what is required in terms of labor laws, environmental protection regulations; in fact, all the legal requirements connected with construction and civil engineering projects. This knowledge is placed at your disposal saving you headaches, time and money.
  • Employees – obviously, you have your own teams of senior engineers, designers and experts that you will be using, but why should you have to import more skilled labor than you absolutely have to. Mifram can provide all the skilled labor your need for your project. All Mifram employees are fully trained, highly skilled professionals. All are dedicated to doing the best job they possibly can. Many have been working with Mifram for over 10 years and all take great pride in their work. Mifram can supply all the professional workers you need, metal workers, wood workers, construction workers, electricians, welders, plumbers – whatever you need, Mifram can provide.
  • Equipment – Mifram has all of the equipment you need for mechanical construction erection jobs; cranes and lifting devices, trucks including the ability to transport large or unusual loads, the largest fleet of fork lift trucks in Israel, welding machinery, measuring equipment, cutting equipment – in fact, almost everything you need. What's more, Mifram can also coordinate equipment between projects ensuring that the right equipment is at the site when it's needed.
  • On-site solutions. Mifram maintains a team of experts on-site equipped with all needed to identify potential problems and find solutions before they become critical.
  • Our experience, our contacts, our reputation is at your disposal 24/7.

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