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Israel is a well-developed industrial nation with dozens of large scale engineering projects being offered for tender every year. Many of these tenders are bid for by international construction and engineering companies who have the experience and the knowledge required for hi-tech, large scale and complex industrial plant erection, relocation and retooling projects.

But, even when a foreign company wins the bid for a local project, it still faces a long haul before first ground is broken and final completion and hand-over of the project (this also includes continues service during the warranty period and later maintenance). Large scale industrial plant erection projects involve many different disciplines such as structural steel work, infrastructure (electricity, water, roads and access, equipment installation and much more). There is also a maze of bureaucratic procedures, permits, licenses involving dozens of different specialties and professions.

All of these factors, and more, ideally require a partnership with a local contractor who can provide local services that will substantially reduce costs and contribute to the successful completion and hand over of the project, on time, to specifications and within budget!

Mifram – building on more than 50 years of success

Since its establishment in 1962, Mifram has been closely involved with Israel's development and has worked on some of the country's most important projects and worked with many major companies including, The US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp., Phoenicia Glass Industries, Dead Sea Fertilizers, KBR, Bechtel, Durr, Motorola, Raphael, IAI, IMA, Raphael, Amadocs, Pepsico, Nestle, Elbit, Tnuva, McDonalds, major Israeli banks and more and many, many more. In a way, you can say that the growth and development of Mifram is mirrored in the growth and development of Israel.

Today, Mifram is probably the leading civil and military engineering company in Israel with the knowledge, the experience, the equipment, the contacts and the team required to take on any industrial plant erection project – regardless of size and complexity.

The benefits of partnering with Mifram

First and foremost, when you partner with Mifram you have total access to the company's extensive resources in Israel. Mifram can supply most of the equipment needed to execute the project – cranes, heavy machinery, fork lifts, trucks, heavy transportation equipment and more. What's more, Mifram can also supply the qualified & licensed operatives needed to operate this machinery from within Israel. This relieves the overseas contractor of the costs and logistics of importing tons of equipment and the need to either bring in their own workforce or begin looking for local employees.

Secondly, whilst the overseas contractor will be using their key employees for the project, Mifram, with its own force of highly trained and experienced workers covering the entire spectrum of civil engineering professions will save the substantial costs involved in bringing in a large, foreign labor force (not to mention the bureaucratic nightmare).

Mifram's comprehensive knowledge and experience of Israel's local & national government allow it to overcome local obstacles that, as a foreign contractor, you could be unaware of. Using teams of experienced "troubleshooters", Mifram looks for potential obstacles or stumbling blocks and then takes action to provide fast, efficient and cost effective solution. Thus your project will proceed from initial planning to final hand over with minimum interruptions and maximum speed.

On-site safety – Mifram, and all of its suppliers and sub-contractors are totally committed to the safety of their employees and those around them. Mifram strictly adheres to all United States, European and Israeli safety standards and requires that all of its employees receive training and instruction on the latest safety techniques and regulations.

Setting up a new or redesigned industrial plant is a complicated process. So, your company, after taking the decision to erect a new plant or redesign and restructure an existing one, needs to employ the services of an experienced industrial plant erection company. You need a company with a proven track record, a company that can provide a total, one-stop solution within the shortest possible time frame and that adheres to your demands and specifications and which meets the highest possible standards. You need a company which will, on final acceptance, allow you to begin production quickly and efficiently so that you can begin supplying your customers.

Financing is yet another area where Mifram can assist. Thanks to its long term relationships with leading financial institutions, Mifram is perfectly placed to assist in the granting of long term finance for the projects it is involved in.

Drawing on over 50 years of experience, Mifram's experts can provide fast and cost effective solutions for those inevitable problems. At every site, Mifram installs a "Command & Control" caravan with all the equipment, computers, and communications etc., needed to monitor work and identify problems and solve them before they become critical.
One-stop, turnkey solutions
Mifram's experience, its dedicated teams of experts and professionals, its total commitment to quality, service and to making your plan and vision come true are what makes Mifram stand out from the competition. Add to this our ingenuity, our ability to find unique solutions for unique challenges and you have a winning combination that will get your plant up and running at full production, within budget and in the minimum time frame.
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