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For decades we have seen a move away from historical combat and conflict scenarios and a move towards conflicts aimed at the urban environment. Police, the armed forces and security organizations are faced with the dilemma and dangers associated with hostile elements amongst a civilian population.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Israel where the entire civilian population is under constant threat of missile attack and terrorist incursions.

For most of the world, the realization that urban population centers have become "legitimate" targets came after 9/11. In Israel this has been a reality since its very first days as a nation over 65 years ago.

Israel's experience and expertise in dealing with this threat has been put to the test many times – and proven again and again that this small country's defense contractors are capable of providing innovative solutions to constantly developing and changing threat situations and scenarios.

Mifram Security –affordable, deployable and effective solutions since 1962

Mifram Security has been providing innovative, cost effective, highly effective, mobile defense solutions for both the military and civilian sectors since 1962. Working closely with Israel's Ministry of Defense and the IDF, Rafael, Elbit, IAF, the IMI and others, Mifram has built up a unique store of knowledge, expertise and experience in the development, construction and supply of mobile defense structures that are used across Israel and many foreign nations. Mifram has worked, and continues to work with leading military and defense contractors in Israel and the world (Elbit, KBR, Bechtel, Ratheon to mention but a few) and military and security organizations such as the US Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines, the FBI, the Japanese Army, French Customs and Excise, many national security and police forces and UN Peacekeeping and Emergency forces.

Mifram Security's advantage

As a defense contractor, you are constantly seeking cost effective solutions that allow you to provide services and complete projects to full specification, on time and within budget. Mifram, as one of Israel's leading defense contractors has the skill, the expertise, the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Mifram solutions have been used since 1980 by United Nations Peacekeeping forces worldwide, including UNDOF, UNIFIL and the MFO in Sinai. Mifram provides a wide range of services including logistic support, the construction of UN bases & camps, provision of mobile and permanent shelters, maintenance and upgrading services for installations both in Israel and abroad.

Mifram has, since its inception in 1962, been developing cutting edge defense solutions for civilian, military, security and law enforcement agencies. Mifram can provide a range of cost effective, off the shell products that will enable you to be offer your clients top class solutions at reasonable prices. Mifram's solutions can help give your company a competitive edge over its rivals.

  • All of Mifram's products are developed out of a real and critical need to answer real life situations in which civilian populations and military operatives are under severe threat.
  • All of Mifram's solutions are developed based on years of experience both in engineering and construction, but also on the experience of the company's designers, engineers and construction teams, many of whom have held senior positions in IDF elite units and have firsthand experience of both combat situations and urban terror & warfare. Furthermore, many of Mifram's employees have security clearance and are cleared to work on military bases and projects across the country. They know the importance of information security and secrecy. They know that just one word in the wrong place can have disastrous consequences.
  • All of Miframs defense solutions are field tested, under real-life conditions to ensure that they meet specifications (and even exceed them). All meet ISO 9001 specifications.
  • Many of the company's solutions demanded innovative solutions, out of the box thinking and the development of new techniques and technologies to meet the challenge. Our highly trained and experienced teams can take your need, your idea, your vision and turn it into a reality – no challenge is to great and, thanks to our dedicated workforce, we have always found solutions to every setback or obstacle; solutions that can be implemented at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable time frame..
  • Mifram is registered as an Unlimited Volume contractor in Israel and with the CCR & ORCA in the United States. The company adheres strictly to all relevant United States, European and Israeli standards for materials, processes and safety.

Mifram solutions

Urban Protection Solutions

Mifram has developed a range of mobile bullet and blast proof protection solutions that provide comprehensive protection for civilian and security personnel in threat areas. Many of these solutions are modular and can be supplied either as-is or according to clients specific requirements (air filtration systems, communications systems, bio/chemical protection, sleeping arrangements, hygienic services, food/water storage etc.).

Modular Ballistic Shelter – A modular, mobile shelter, easily located and transported to threatened locations providing protection solutions for open spaces or as an annex for offices, schools, buildings and homes.
The MBS requires no foundations and only two people and a fork-lift truck are required to place the basic MBS in place making its relocation a relatively simple task. When not in use, it requires no maintenance.
The basic configuration can withstand the direct impact of light missile and rocket impact and provide ballistic protection of 5.56/7.62 AP. Upgrade kits are available for most MBS units provided by Mifram.
The system is modular and can be outfitted with a range of options including air conditioning, windows and other accessories as per the client's specifications. The unit can also be installed on a vehicle thus greatly increasing mobility.
Pillbox (Round) Shelters – a common sight in many urban environments are round, pillbox type structures often used as billboards, recycling collection containers, storage etc. Mifram has developed the Pillbox Shelter which can be placed in any location to act as a billboard and, when needed, used as rapid access shelter for those around. This structure requires no previously installed infrastructure and is easily transported to areas where the need is greatest. This solution offers immediate protection plus the added benefit of generating an income from the sale of ad space on its external walls.

Gabriel - The Gabriel provides protection against bullets, shrapnel, explosions and biological & chemical weapons for between 12 to 20 people. This one of Mifram's advanced shelter solutions providing protection for a wide range of scenarios. The Gabriel is suitable for deployment to high risk areas and potential high risk targets such as chemical plants, power plants, refineries, strategic governmental offices etc.

The Gabriel includes an air filtration system, water tank, hygiene facilities and air conditioning that can operate off mains power or a generator. All machinery and storage areas are fully protected from bullets, blast and shrapnel. The Gabriel even includes a self-contained decontamination chamber.

As with all Mifram systems, the Gabriel is modular and can be outfitted to the clients specifications.

Mercury Blast Containment System – the Mercury is a patented blast containment system developed by Mifram for a range of public venues including Malls & Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Schools & Universities, public buildings, streets, train & bus terminals, government buildings, industrial and infrastructure plants, police and military bases, offices and more. The Mercury system was developed by Mifram to provide the solution for a very real need – to provide an effective, blast containment system for potential or suspected explosive devices. The unit has been tested to destruction using a wide range of explosives and quantities to ensure that it can withstand all expected bomb threats. The Mercury can be supplied with a customized outer layer, with a logo or other message. It also accepts regular sized garbage bags so it can double as a garbage container.

Unique solutions for unique problems

Israeli ingenuity comes to the forefront in Mifram. Its experience & wealth of knowledge, its teams of highly dedicated and motivated designers, engineers and technicians make Mifram supremely capable of devising and supplying unique solutions for unique problems. One example of this ingenuity is Mifram's low pressure vacuum chamber.

Aircraft security is a vital aspect of modern aviation. With millions of people flying around the world daily, aircraft are a prime target for terrorists who try to plant pressure sensitive bombs amongst luggage. Mifram has developed a unique solution for this problem – a fortified, low pressure chamber that simulates the low pressures of aircraft holds. Suspicious baggage or freight can be placed in the chamber where the pressure is gradually reduced to simulate the height at which modern aircraft fly. If there is a pressure activated explosive device, it will explode when the appropriate air pressure is reached. The explosion is contained within the chamber and the plane, its crew and passengers can fly without fear.

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