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If your company is considering bidding for a construction contract in Israel, then we recommend that you read the following article. The information you find will help you to put in a competitive bid and, once awarded, will assist you in finishing the project, on time, within budget and according to specifications.

Israel is a constantly growing economy. With many large scale civil and military projects being executed or planned for the near future, Israel offers international contractors many opportunities. Having said that, the hurdles facing an international company executing a project in Israel – logistics, bureaucracy at local and governmental levels, planning and design, labor recruitment and labor laws, environmental regulations, equipment, materials, suppliers, legal requirements – are immense, could well cause significant delays and substantially increased costs that could affect your profits and success level

Partnering with an Israeli construction contractor

One solution is to use the services of an established construction contractor in Israel; a contractor with the experience, the knowledge and the ability to execute even the most complex of projects according to your demands and specification; a contractor with a proven record for handing over completed projects on schedule, within budget and to full spec.

Since 1962 Mifram, based in Haifa and with production facilities and sites spread across Israel, has been one of Israel's leading construction contractors with experience in many of the country's major projects often working with large, international companies and conglomerates.

A history of collaboration and cooperation

Mifram has a history of successful collaboration and cooperation with some of the largest Israeli and multi-national companies in the world. Companies such as KBR, Bechtel, Durr, Motorola, Raphael, IAI, IMA, Amadics, Pepsico, Nestle, Elbit, Tnuva, McDonalds, major Israeli banks and more, choose to work with Mifram because of its reputation and proven track record for getting the job done!

Mifram has also worked for many governmental and military agencies both in Israel and abroad including the IDF and Israel's Ministry of Defense, the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp, the State department, French Customs and Excise, the Japanese Army, the United Nations and many national intelligence agencies.

Mifram's experience and expertise spans a wide spectrum of industrial areas such as civil engineering, design planning and construction of industrial facilities, plant relocation, manufacture and construction of steel structures, reconstruction works following fires and natural disasters, consultation, management and construction of solid waste recycling plants, erection of steel bridging structures, mobile, modular buildings, watch towers, vehicle barriers, dry storage facilities, pipeline construction, specialized transportation projects, chemical plants, oil refineries and more.

Mifram is one of the few multi-disciplinary construction companies in Israel with a proven track record for working under, with and for foreign companies both in Israel and abroad. As an Unlimited Volume Contractor, Mifram is placed to provide all the services needed for any project - including during the warranty period and after-completion maintenance.

A one-stop shop for a total solution

Mifram has all that is needed to assist the foreign contractor successfully meet their targets.

  • Teams of highly trained and experienced engineers and workers capable of taking on any project regardless of size, scope or complexity.
  • Much of the equipment needed for a major construction project including cranes and other lifting equipment, scaffolding, fork lift trucks, heavy trucks and transportation equipment
  • An in-depth knowledge of Israeli "red tape", safety standards, environmental standards, labor laws that is used to smoothly navigate through the complexities of a major project in a foreign country (and a different language)
  • Thanks to over five decades of experience, Mifram has excellent working relationships with Israeli contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other service providers. This network of connections is placed at your disposal to ensure the successful progress and completion of your projects.
  • On-site tech teams – Mifram place on-site technical facilities staffed by engineers and top class professionals who closely monitor work to identify problem points and find rapid, efficient and cost effective solutions. We know that any hold up in the work flow generates longer delays down the line. Our aim is to identify potential problems and fix them – fast.
  • 24/6 and, if needed, 24/7 availability for support teams and services.
  • On-site safety – unfortunately, safety issues often take second place on many Israeli construction sites. Mifram (and all of its associates) is 100% committed to the safety of all employees and those around them. With this in mind, we demand strict adherence to all relevant United States, European and Israeli standards and, in the absence of an appropriate Israeli standard, adapt European or US standards for the Israeli work arena.
  • Mifram's teams receive regular training in new techniques and methods to ensure that they are up to speed on all new developments. We insist that all employees be fully trained, qualified and certified for the jobs they do. We understand that the success of a project is due, in no small part, to the skill and training of those involved in its execution – from designer to warehouse man. Every role is important so we arrange periodic refresher workshops for all employees in their specific skill areas.

Synergy or "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

Collaborating with Mifram creates a unique synergy, a powerful unit which can produce results far in excess of those achievable alone. Working together, we can hand over a fully operational project that has been completed on schedules, to full specifications and within budgetary constraints.

In its entire projects with foreign contractors and companies, Mifram operates with total professionalism. We use our vast experience, our skilled and highly trained workforce, our network of commercial and relationships in and outside of Israel to bring in your project on time, within budget and to full specifications.

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