Mifram is one of Israel's leading multidisciplinary firms which successfully combines industrial and civil engineering projects erection. The company was established in 1962, and was involved in the design, manufacture and erection of a wide range of industrial plants, as well as expansion of existing production lines. Mifram's involvement in the country industrialization and development also touches several security and military projects.

  • Mifram has specialized in weaving simple and efficient solutions for protection and security systems.
  • Our company applies state-of-the-art technology to design, develop and manufacture:
  • Bullet proof watch towers, observation structures and combat positions.
  • Bullet proof and NBC protected guard posts and bullet proof blast barriers, barrier gates and special protection projects Police posts for road intersections Road blocks and barricades, bullet proof and NBC protected mobile shelters and containers, advanced bridging solutions, dry storage systems and dehumidified storage buildings.
  • Mifram is classified as an unlimited volume authorized contractor on behalf in the contractors and Builders' Registrar, the Ministry of Defense, and other local and national government offices.
  • Throughout the years, Mifram expanded its operation to additional business fields, including works connected with environment protection, waste management (landfills, recycling plants), becoming a recognized consultant in this field.

Mifram offers the following specialty fields to its customers:

  • Plant design, erection and expansion, especially of turnkey and/or N.A.T.R.A basis.
  • Civil engineering projects: pools, industrial premises, public buildings and housing, underground cable tunnels, shelters, and such.
  • Preformed steel structures, bridges, elevator shafts, special dies, and such.
  • Relocate manufacturing plants, complete with machinery and equipment.
  • Mechanical works, installation of machinery and peripheral equipment.
  • Manufacture steel and stainless steel process equipment.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of piping systems, electro mechanical systems, gas canalization systems, tanks and pressure tanks, silos, etc.
  • Plant erection and maintenance services, based on time and material or contractor terms.
  • Design, manufacture and erection of conveying systems, equipment and special handling systems.
  • Mobile structures, watch and water towers, aerials, and such.
  • Dry storage systems.
  • Rental and maintenance of handling and lifting equipment, as well as engineering mechanical equipment.
  • Prefabricated buildings, including dehumidified storage structures.
  • Know-how and exclusive agencies of forklift trucks, machinery and recycling.
  • Mifram owns a large out-of-the-factory division, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled manpower to execute on-site and in-plant commissions, supplying around-the-clock technical, maintenance, and repair services.

Ever since the start of our operation, we believe that management from the ground up guarantees better control and performance. Therefore whenever necessary, Mifram managers are always first to be present on the spot, regardless of the conditions and difficulties and working around the clock with one aim in sight: the customer's wishes are our command, where problems are resolved on a real-time basis and forcefully brought to a successful conclusion through our organization.

The secret of Mifram is success lies in the three milestones we set as our objectives, right from the start:

  • Our product's good quality
  • Fast service and delivery on schedule
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Mifram will pursue these three main aims, and consider its customers the most import factor in its resolution.

Mifram is member in Israel Science and Technology directory - www.science.co.il

Areas of activity

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